short page

My A to Z ,things I love ;A, apple, B, ball, C, cat, D, ds, E, eating, F, fish, G, gardening , H, horse, I, ice-cream, J, jelly, K, kiwi, L, lime, M, mints, N, nice people, O, owl, P, purple, Q, questions, R, Ronan[brother], S, strawberry, T, trains, U, unicorn ,V, violin, W, watermelon, X, Xmas ,Y ,yoghurt ,Z, zombie.

Who I am online

At home I am a normal ten year old girl.

When I dream I fly… my butterfly wings are beside my little brother, he died in the butterfly room.

I put a smiley face on because I like making people happy especially when my friends are sad.

Have a great time blogging!;].